At Firebug, we strive to create and offer innovative solutions for human safety around the world. Serving emergency personnel, first responders, government, Indigenous communities, civilians and property owners. We offer only the most high quality products. We believe in 100% Green organic products for hydro carbon remediation, making our earth a better place to live for all.

– Kenneth Roy


The FIREBUG line of products was conceived and developed by a Canadian firefighter and has been in development since 2003.

KPS Technologies (www.kpstech.com), manufacturer of the FIREBUG is a Canadian company of 10 years which develops and distributes many products and is run by the same management team as Softub Canada, the largest Canadian manufacturer of portable hot tubs.

These products are specifically designed to be used in health hazard situations where emergency rescue workers such as firefighters, police officers or paramedics may experience exposure to toxins or hypothermic conditions such as prolonged exposure to intense heat or physically exhausting activities.
The Firebug Sprinkler System is designed to protect your home or cottage in the event of a threatening forest fire.

All Firebug products are Canadian made in Sudbury, Ontario.


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